Minty Chocolate Date Balls

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Recipe Overview

The Game Plan

How Long it Will Take with Kid Chefs

  • 30 minutes (plus optional refrigeration time afterwards)

Recipe Yield

  • Makes about twenty four 1.5” balls,

  • Serves 12 people (a dessert for a crowd at a party, or to be refrigerated and enjoyed over 1-2 weeks)

Suggested Serving Size

  • 2 date balls per person

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Grocery List

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Ingredient Notes

Dried pitted dates

Not familiar with this ingredient? Look for them wherever your grocery store has dried fruit, or in the produce section. They are naturally sweet and so are used in a lot of recipes when trying to lessen sugar.

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Tools Needed

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Grown-Up Tips

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Grown-up Pro Tips

  • If you don’t have a food processor, no worries! A high-speed blender also works. (If you have a processor, it does help the ingredients combine a bit better.) *Note: a standard blender might have a hard time blending the sticky dates.

  • How to clean a food processor or blender: Add water and dish soap, then turn the machine on. This makes it a lot easier to clean!

  • The candy canes are completely optional. If you’re not making this recipe around the holidays and don’t need this festive touch, feel free to skip. The date balls are still tasty without them. Or, you can roll the balls in the leftover coconut flakes you purchased for this recipe!

  • We recommend keeping these balls refrigerated to prolong their shelf life and also because they stick together better when cold.

This recipe is dietician approved!

Date balls are an excellent snack or dessert option for kids and adults alike. Date balls expose younger eaters to nuts and seeds without the choking hazard of larger nut and seed pieces, while still offering all of the nutritional benefits nuts and seeds have to offer. Plus, they don’t need any added sugar thanks to the natural sweetness of dates! What an excellent way to boost nutrition without sacrificing the fun and flavors of the holidays.
— Ashley Smith, RD
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Dietary Needs and Substitutions

Recipe as Written

**Dairy-Free if cocoa powder does not contain dairy. Check the label.

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