What is Nomster Chef? Watch and Learn!

Nomster Chef makes it fun and easy to cook with kids


For parents* of kids ages 2-12 who want:

  • More quality family time
  • To teach kids how to cook
  • Kids that love eating healthy food
  • Kids that are adventurous eaters
  • And to have fun!

*and other awesome grown-ups

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Online Illustrated Recipes with Easy to Follow Instructions

Step by step illustrated recipe for kids
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The Nomster Chef Difference

Illustrated Recipes for Kids - Nomster Chef


Illustrated recipes that even little kids can "read"

  • Pictures help kids age 2+ understand the recipe steps
  • "Grown-up only" steps clearly indicated
  • Kids are excited about instructions made just for them
I think he felt more in charge just because of the formatting, it’s more kid centered rather than reading a recipe for an adult, I didn’t have to interpret it. I was letting him read everything to me and tell me what to do.
— Brandy, Nomster Chef Test Parent
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Digital Library of Illustrated Recipes Nomster Chef



  • Each recipe is fully illustrated
  • Recipes are about 30 pages long and can be flipped through like a digital storybook
  • Recipes can be accessed with any device
  • Includes grocery list and parent tips
This has been such a positive thing for us, my son is more interested in cooking and food than ever - can’t wait to try more recipes!
— Jennifer, Nomster Test Parent


Step-by-step recipes are kid tested and grown-up approved

  • Recipe instructions created by educational experts
  • Every recipe tested with real kids to make sure your family will think they're awesome
  • We do all the planning for you (no professional Pinterest-ing, blog scouring, or Googling required)
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It made me feel really confident in helping my son. I get really flustered in the kitchen with new recipes when I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. But with all of these recipes through Nomster I felt confident and that made it so much better in the kitchen.
— Elizabeth, Nomster Chef Test Parent
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Nate Nomster character keeps kids engaged and learning

  • Our test parents say kids Nomster Chef keeps kids engaged while cooking
  • Kids learn about cooking techniques, food science, the culture of food, and nutrition
My daughter looked forward to helping me in the kitchen every week! Thanks for letting us test different recipes and showing me how much children blossom when they can take part in the cooking process.
— Amy, Nomster Chef Test Parent
It’s gonna taste really good because I made it.
— Riley, age 5
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3 Reasons every kid should learn to cook

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Encourage your kids to branch out from mac and cheese

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Rising Past Ramen

Make sure your children can fend for themselves when they leave the nest

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Sneaky School Smarts

A bonus: there's lots of learning hidden in cooking!

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