Nomster Chef makes it easy to cook with your kids


For parents of kids ages 2-12 who want:

  • More quality family time
  • To teach kids how to cook
  • Kids that love eating healthy food
  • Kids that are adventurous eaters
  • And to have fun!


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The Nomster Chef Difference

Illustrated Recipes for Kids - Nomster Chef


Illustrated recipes that even little kids can "read"

  • Pictures help kids age 2+ understand the recipe steps
  • "Grown-up only" steps clearly indicated
  • Kids are excited about instructions made just for them
I think he felt more in charge just because of the formatting, it’s more kid centered rather than reading a recipe for an adult, I didn’t have to interpret it. I was letting him read everything to me and tell me what to do.
— Brandy, Nomster Chef Test Parent
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  • Each recipe is fully illustrated
  • Recipes are about 30 pages long and can be flipped through like a digital storybook
  • Recipes can be accessed with any device
  • Includes grocery list and parent tips


Step-by-step recipes are kid tested and grown-up approved

  • Recipe instructions created by educational experts
  • Every recipe tested with real kids to make sure your family will think they're awesome
  • We do all the planning for you (no professional Pinterest-ing, blog scouring, or Googling required)
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It made me feel really confident in helping my son. I get really flustered in the kitchen with new recipes when I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. But with all of these recipes through Nomster I felt confident and that made it so much better in the kitchen.
— Elizabeth, Nomster Chef Test Parent
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Nate Nomster character keeps kids engaged and learning

  • Our test parents say kids Nomster Chef keeps kids engaged while cooking
  • Kids learn about cooking techniques, food science, the culture of food, and nutrition
It gave everyone a sense like we’re on a mission, we’re all doing this together, not me telling them what to do. We’re all learning at the same time.
— Amanda, Nomster Chef Test Parent
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It’s gonna taste really good because I made it.
— Riley, age 5
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3 Reasons every kid should learn to cook

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Encourage your kids to branch out from mac and cheese

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Rising Past Ramen

Make sure your children can fend for themselves when they leave the nest

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Sneaky School Smarts

A bonus: there's lots of learning hidden in cooking!

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