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Nomster Chef wants to help raise a healthier generation of kids and a happier generation of parents by teaching kids to cook.

Nomster Chef started as founder Ashley Moulton's project at Stanford University's Graduate School of Education. As a master's student in the Learning, Design and Technology program, Ashley was tasked with inventing a tech product that helps people learn.

A passionate foodie and home cook, as well as an armchair nutritionist, Ashley wanted to help kids learn about all this stuff too. When she started doing research, she learned two very interesting facts:

  1. Kids are more likely to eat food that they've helped to cook

  2. People's lifelong eating habits are formed in childhood (usually during the preschool years)

Armed with this knowledge and her background in children's educational media, Ashley set out to make a digital tool to help kids learn how to cook with their parents. 

Shooting the Nomster Chef student  project video  in 2015

Shooting the Nomster Chef student project video in 2015


While at Stanford, she tested the initial concept with families using the's design thinking methodology. And they loved it! The digital recipe storybooks have since been tested with lots more families all across the U.S., getting the all-important kid and grown-up stamp of approval.

Some of our awesome recipe storybook testers

Some of our awesome recipe storybook testers

In the fall of 2016, Nomster Chef was one of 7 companies selected from 300 applicants to join the Education Design Studio EdTech startup incubator at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education

Ashley presenting at the  Education Design Studio  Demo Day in January 2017

Ashley presenting at the Education Design Studio Demo Day in January 2017

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In October 2017, Nomster Chef successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign, surpassing our $10K goal by 37%! We were fully funded within the first 36 hours, and 285 backers raised $13,741 to help us launch our digital recipe library. The Kickstarter staff also bestowed us with two coveted honors, "Project of the Day," and "Project We Love" features. 

The support from the Kickstarter allowed us to build out our digital recipe library, and the website fully launched in July 2018. You can check out the Nomster Recipe Library (for free!) by clicking the button below to sign up.

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