September recipes and shopping lists

almond pesto greenbeans and mushrooms.jpg

Almond Pesto Green Beans and Mushrooms

Mummy Cauliflower Mini Pizzas.jpg

Mummy Cauliflower Mini Pizzas

Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos.jpg

Loaded Sweet Potato “Nachos”

Chocolate Peppermint Date Balls.jpg

Minty Chocolate Date Balls

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Sign up for a video conference time slot

We want to do a video conference recipe test with 2 families for each recipe. We'll log onto Skype or Google Hangouts, or call you via Apple FaceTime when you cook so we can see how it goes!

This is purely optional, you can also just cook the recipe on your own time and submit a feedback form. But it’s helpful for us to watch you cook if possible. :)

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 How recipe testing with Nomster Chef works

  1. Each family needs to sign the consent, NDA, and media release form prior to participation.

  2. We'll post the ingredient lists and recipes on this page the week before we start each round of testing. You'll get lots of email reminders when it's time to cook.

  3. You can either make the recipes on your own time and send us the feedback form, or sign up to test the recipes live with Ashley (the founder) via a video call. You can make all 8 recipes or just 1, or somewhere in between! Whatever works for your family. And we also love if you send us photos and videos from your testing too. :)

Recipe Testing Schedule

September recipe testing (Sept. 17-Oct. 7)

  • Halloween Mummy Cauliflower Mini Pizzas

  • Thanksgiving Side Dish: Almond Pesto Green Beans and Mushrooms

  • Chocolate Peppermint Date Balls

  • Loaded Sweet Potato “Nachos”

October recipe testing (Oct. 15-28)

  • Turkey meatballs and spaghetti

  • Yogurt dipped strawberry "Easter Eggs"

  • Shrimp and snow pea stir fry

  • Recipe 4 TBD

Nomster Chef veggie border.jpg

Send pictures or video

We love to see your family in action! You can send pictures or video any of the following ways:

  1. Google Drive (

  2. Google Photos (

  3. Dropbox (

  4. E-mail (

Picture contest

We want you to share pics of your Nomsters cooking!

 Apron will look something like this, we're still finalizing design

Apron will look something like this, we're still finalizing design


The family who cooks the most recipes during recipe testing and sends us photos of each recipe will win a Nomster Chef apron (1 apron per child who participated).


  1. Complete a recipe feedback form for each recipe

  2. Send us the photo via Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, or Email (all

  3. Bonus points if kids are in the picture, extra bonus points if the grown-ups are in the picture with the kids

  4. **Note: we will not re-post the picture to our accounts without your permission. If you indicated "no" to internet sharing on the permission form, we will respect your wishes.**

  5. For a recipe to "count" towards the total number, you need to both cook it AND send us a photo.

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Why are we recipe testing anyway?

To find out:

  1. If recipe steps are confusing

  2. If we left out anything (tools, ingredients, a step, etc.)

  3. If the recipes are appropriate for kids to cook

  4. If families like the recipes!

What we'll do with your feedback:

Make any adjustments we need to before turning the text-based recipes into our illustrated recipe storybooks. (See what an illustrated recipe storybook looks like here!)


E-mail or text (347) 687-7067