Tomato and Mushroom Pizza with Salad

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Recipe Overview

The Game Plan

How Long it Will Take with Kid Chefs

  • 45 minutes total

Recipe Yield

  • 1 baking-sheet-sized pizza (about 8 small pizza slices) plus side salad

  • Serves 4-6

Suggested Serving Size

  • Varies depending on size of final pizza

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Grocery List

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Ingredient notes

  • Pizza dough:

    • Try to find a soft ball of pre-made pizza dough, ideally whole wheat. You can sometimes find it in the refrigerated prepared meal section of your grocery store, or in the freezer section (just make sure to thaw it first!). We've had good luck with the Trader Joe's and Whole Foods refrigerated whole wheat pizza dough balls.

    • No pizza dough balls? No problem! Most grocery stores also sell pre-cooked pizza crusts, which totally work. They're just not as fun.

    • Feeling ambitious? Our favorite pizza dough from scratch recipe is here (but you have to start the day before cooking the pizza).

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Tools Needed

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Grown-Up Tips

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Grown-up Pro Tips

  • Some kids might be apprehensive of a pizza without tomato sauce at first, but you can explain that the tomatoes turn to sauce in your mouth (magic)!

  • Pizza can be a great way to introduce kids to new vegetables. You're pairing things they like (bread and cheese) with less-familiar foods, which can help them learn to like the vegetables.

  • This recipe is fun for a Nomster Chef cooking birthday party! Just multiply the recipe.

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Videos for Kiddos

Learn how mushrooms grow from our friends at True Food TV.

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