Looking for more information about cooking for kids, child nutrition, and picky eating? These books are a great place to start.


Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family

Ellyn Satter has long been an authority on parenting strategies to help encourage healthy eating habits in kids.


Food Love Family

Child Nutrition for regular people (i.e. not nutritionists). Practical tips for parents from Stanford Medical School's Maya Adam, M.D..


Child Nutrition and Cooking E-course

This wildly popular e-course will teach you everything you need to know about child nutrition, and how to apply that knowledge in cooking for kids. By the author of the above book, Stanford Medical School's Maya Adam, M.D..


The 52 New Foods Challenge

Recipes for a whole year, with each week's recipes focusing on one new ingredient. Kids need repetition when trying new foods, and these recipes will help you achieve that without getting bored!


Dinner a Love Story

A cookbook full of tried-and-true family favorites.

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