Real Kid Chef Mazzy taking YouTube by storm

Still courtesy of Mazzy's  YouTube channel

Still courtesy of Mazzy's YouTube channel

Have you guys discovered The Mazzy Show on YouTube yet? It is the cutest thing that has ever cuted. The channel features two-year-old Kid Chef Mazzy from Portland, Oregon making delicious things with her parents.

Some reasons why I find the Mazzy Show delightful:

  • Her little tiny voice so confidently saying the names of ingredients
  • How excited she gets over successfully completing parts of the recipe
  • How she doesn't hesitate to dive in and try every new cooking technique, no matter how complicated
  • How well she uses a real knife 
  • The stuffed animals that occasionally make appearances in episodes
  • The hilarious things she says
  • Her fine motor skills and concentration
  • Her sweet, adorable, and encouraging parents
  • That she makes both classic kid recipes and recipes from different Asian countries (a well-rounded chef!)

But most importantly, little Mazzy shows that it's totally possible to involve a two-year-old in the kitchen! There's actually a lot they can help with (or in some cases "help" with). All you need is a child that's interested in cooking and a grown-up with a lot of patience and mess tolerance. Easy peasy!

Here are some of my favorite episodes, for your viewing pleasure. To see the rest of the episodes, head on over to her YouTube channel!

Needless to say, we at Nomster Chef are her #1 fans. Thanks for inspiring kids to cook, Mazzy!

If you want to learn more about Mazzy and her family, the Daily Mail did a great write-up about them. Here's the link to that article

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