One week left until Kickstarter: Watch this fun Guacamole video to celebrate!

Great Green Guacamole recipe video for kids

Nate Nomster's in the kitchen again! This time, he made Great Green Guacamole to celebrate the one-week countdown to our Kickstarter campaign launching!

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I just heard about this awesome Kickstarter and thought you might be interested in it too. It's a company that is helping kids cook with their families to promote healthy eating and fun family time. Here's their description: Nomster Chef is building a digital library of step-by-step illustrated recipes that help kids learn how to cook with their grown-ups. The recipes are led by the friendly Nate Nomster character, and are fun and educational. Kickstarter supporters will have first access to the digital library of step-by-step illustrated recipes for kids. Watch the Kickstarter video here:

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Thanks so much for all your support, Nomster family! We love you!