X is for Ximenia Fruit

X is for ximenia fruit-01.jpg

This week is brought to you by the letter X and the very unique Ximenia Fruit! It’s one of the very few foods that start with the letter X, so we decided to do some investigating to find out more about this e-X-tremely interesting fruit!

  1. This fruit has many nicknames!

    Ximenia americana is the botanical name of the fruit and it goes by many nicknames: American plum, blue sour plum, monkey plum, mountain plum, seaside plum, Spanish plum, wild plum, hog plum, and yellow plum.

  2. It’s found in lots of different places

    You can find ximenia fruits in tropical places, specifically Asia, South America, and Africa. You can also find it in Florida!

  3. You can eat it in many different forms

    Like lots of other fruits, this one can be made into a juice, jelly, or jam. Some parts of the world even use the flower petals in soups!

  4. The taste is out of this world

    Ximenia fruits have a unique flavor. Depending on the fruit, the flavor can range from a bitter almond-like flavor to very sweet. It has a sticky texture, but the flowers can have an intense lilac smell!

  5. It’s wild!

    You can’t buy these in stores just yet, at least not in the United States. So you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled when out in the wild!

Shout out to Eat the Weeds for harvesting all these great facts!