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Want to encourage your kiddo's love for cooking but don't want their first recipe to be roast leg of lamb with creme brûlée? Kids' cookbooks are excellent because they offer recipes that are both appropriate for beginning chefs but also that appeal to small people with still-developing palates. 

There are lots of good cookbooks for kid chefs out there, but today we'll highlight 4 of them. These cookbooks make great gifts for kids who like to cook, or for parents who would like to cook with their kids. Happy cooking and nomming!

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Recipes adapted by Amanda Grant | For kids age 9-12

The Silver Spoon for Children is a kid-friendly version of the legendary 1950 Italian cookbook "The Silver Spoon." What the original coffee table book did to help adult chefs master Italian classics, the kid version does for children. Kids can learn to make dishes like Ravioli Napoletana, Prosciutto and Melon, and Tuna and Bean salad. I love that the recipe steps are accompanied by illustrations, but don't let the pictures fool you- the cooking techniques in this book will be difficult for the youngest of chefs. For older kids (9+), this book is the perfect way to master Italian classics!


By Deanna Cook | For kids 8-12

Cooking Class is a fabulous resource for kids looking to master all kinds of dishes.  There are kid standbys like sliders and popcorn chicken but also California rolls, Pad Thai, and Vietnamese spring rolls. I love this book because sprinkled throughout the recipes are great "how to" pages that give tips for tricky kitchen skills like cutting an avocado and "creative cook" hints for how to change recipes to suit your taste. But the best part of this book is all the fun extras in the back- stickers to label your salad dressing, place cards for extra fancy meals, and fun conversation starter cards. For kids 8+, this cookbook is a wonderful way to learn all the skills needed to make lots of types of meals. (Also, the author's last name is "Cook," how perfect is that!)


By Ruby Roth | For kids 6-12

Simply put, The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids is adorable! I wouldn't be surprised to find a kiddo leafing through the cookbook just to look at the pictures. The mixture of real photos of food with faces drawn on them and cut paper animal illustration up the whimsy factor of the recipes. All of the recipes in this book are vegan, awesome for vegan and vegetarian families of course but also a great place for meat-eaters to start learning to love more veggies too. There are more snack ideas than full meal ideas, which means there are more simple recipes for younger chefs. If your child will be charmed by cooking cute veggie recipes, this is the book for them!


By Susan McQuillan | For kids age 2-5

For the youngest of chefs, preschoolers age 2-5, Sesame Street's Let's Cook is a superb first cookbook. Each recipe is designed so that littles can get involved: the steps that kids can help with are clearly labeled by an Elmo graphic that says "kids!". Each recipe, like "Big Bird's Nest Egg Salad" and "Oscar's Shrimp Fried Mess," is introduced by one of the Sesame Street characters. The characters also give a fun fact about the meal in a little speech bubble on the page. Any Sesame Street loving child will be tickled to be cooking alongside her favorite muppets.

So there you have it, a round up of 4 good cookbooks for kid chefs. Have you tried any of these? Any favorites we should review next time? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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