Nomster Chef inspiration: child nutrition research and statistics

ChildNutritionInfographic_Nomster Chef

I have done a LOT of reading about child nutrition, childhood obesity, and feeding children (#nerdalert). Nomster Chef started as my master's project at Stanford's Graduate School of Education, and so I've sifted through tons of academic papers about child nutrition research and statistics.

BUT, academic journals are super dense, and that means that most people never get to learn from them (#aintnobodygottimeforthat). So, I made this infographic as an attempt to clarify some of the most salient points from the years of research done on these topics. And, a lot of the good stuff baked into the design of Nomster Chef was inspired by this work.

Do any of the facts surprise you? Confuse you? No worries, I plan on breaking down a lot of this research in normal-person language here on the blog in the weeks to come. If there's anything you'd like to learn about, leave us a comment or shoot us a note at We're here to help! :)

Yours in Nomming,

-Ashley (Nomster Chef Founder/Nomster in Chief)

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