Nomster Chef Gift Guide: For Kids Who Like to Cook

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Do you have a kitchen helper that makes you nervous when she uses a grown-up chef knife? Or a little chef who can't quite reach the counter when he wants to cook? Or kiddos that think kitchen gadgets are the most fun gift of all? Well today I present to you... (drumroll please)...

The Nomster Chef Gift Guide: For Kids Who Like to Cook

I've seen a lot of kids in the kitchen, so I've got the inside scoop on what gear kid chefs need to cook. The two most helpful things for mini chefs are 1.) knives and 2.) something to make them counter height. But that doesn't mean excited Santas have to stop there! The Nomster Elf Workshop isn't yet equipped to make its own gifts, so instead I'll recommend things from the modern-day Santa's Workshop, Amazon. We've conveniently organized all of these items in the newly revamped Nomster Shop. And this is just the beginning, we'll be adding lots more goodies there over the next couple of months.

Knives for Kid Chefs


This is probably the question I get asked most often for parents who want to cook with their kids- do you have any knives you recommend! Yes, yes I do! You can take a look at them here, there are different choices for different abilities:

Kitchen Gadgets and Tools for Kid Chefs

Besides knives, there are lots of great kitchen gadgets and tools that will help kid chefs succeed in the kitchen. Many of these items aren't specifically for kids, but can be used by young and the young-at-heart. Because, let's face it, kitchen gadgets are basically toys that help you make something yummy.

Tiny Kitchen Tools for Kid Chefs

As any parent who has stepped on stray legos or doll shoes knows, kids LOVE tiny things. Small things say to kids, "Hey! I'm just for you!". Kitchen tools are no exception- kids loooove tiny cooking tools. While they are adorable, they can also be practical, and help kids get excited about kitchen gadgets that are just their size.

Step Stools for Kid Chefs

So the thing about inviting small people into the kitchen is that they're... small! Most kid chefs don't come anywhere close to reaching the counter without some assistance. Kids, like adults, should be somewhere in the neighborhood of having their waists at counter height. Here are some handy step stools for kid chefs too short to reach the counter!

We hope this gift guide for kids who like to cook helps check some holiday shopping off your list! Happy shopping, Nomsters!

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Ashley Moulton is the Founder and Nomster-in-Chief of Nomster Chef. She's got a M.A. in Learning, Design and Technology from Stanford's Graduate School of Education, and loves helping kids learn about food. She would describe herself as an om-nom-nomnivore, and her favorite veggies to nom are mushrooms.